April 19, 2005

Fooling the World

The Michael Jackson child abuse trial in California has been somewhat surreal from the beginning, but it's taken on a whole new aura of weirdness recently, The mother of the boy in question -- who starred in the infamous video documentary where Jacko protested how "normal" and "loving" it is to share one's bed with a child -- was called as a prosecution witness to corroborate her son's allegations. Tom Meserau, Jackon's long-haired (and very cool) defense attorney, came after her like a pit buill, trying to establish that the family had concocted the entire story to extort money from the music superstar. Accuser's Mom: Jackson "Managed to Fool the World" [NYDailyNews.com].

But the confrontation failed miserably. We can't see it on television, so here's the media summary, related to the claim that Jackson imprisoned the family at his Neverland Ranch:

Mesereau pressed [the mother] on whether she made any attempts to get help during the family's alleged period of captivity. "Did you complain to anyone in the building that crimes were being committed against you and your family?," Mesereau asked. "No, but I am now,"she said.

Way to go, Tom! You violated the first rule of cross-examination by asking an open-ended question (one should ONLY ask leading questions on cross) and got burned, bad, as a result. Maybe that's because your client is a lying pervert.

 Posted by glenn