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Welcome to Glenn Manishin's Internet genealogy archives. My genealogy endeavor initially started as a tribute to my father, Gerry Manishin who always wanted to create a Manishin family tree but sadly passed away before he could find the time to do so and has expanded over the years as I became addicted to the challenge of tracing our roots and the thrill of finding more and more distant cousins around the world. This Web-enabled database includes more than 900 relatives I have traced in my genealogical research. It was created with the Reunion 8.0 genealogy software, and includes the four principal families I have been researching since 1991 Manishin (Manishen), Baizman (Bejzman), Gordon and Gilbert/Silberstein ("Pereplotcyzk" in the Old Country).

These four widely dispersed Jewish families arrived in the United States and Canada from different points in Europe between 1870 and 1925. The Manishins, for instance, trace their roots (so far) to the mid-1800s in Maniusin, Poland, from which the family surname is derived, and include more than 140 living cousins from Canada to California and Illinois to Israel descended from my great-great grandfather Israel Manishin of Vladimeretz, Poland (now Vladimerits, Ukraine). To the best of my knowledge, there are only 15 people in the world who share the Manishin surname, including the Manishens of Mantitoba, Canada, and all of us are related! The Silbersteins (and Gilberts) number in the several hundreds, and include large Boston and Baltimore contingents of the family that were re-united for the first time in more than 30 years as a result of my genealogical research. I am deeply indebted to all the Manishin(en), Baizman, Gordon and Silberstein/Gilbert cousins who have assisted in this ongoing journey of discovery.

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Except for me, no address, phone number or other personally identifiable information of any relative is included in this family tree database. Several cousins have asked that they be excluded from the public Web pages. They are listed here as "Private" with only a surname indicated. Similar desires for confidential treatment will of course be honored on request.

There is much more information available in this archive, and it is my hope to add new pages regularly. Please take a moment to peruse:

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Anyone noticing a connection between our families is invited to contact me. And if you are interested in pursuing genealogical research on your own families what I like to term "the greatest detective story in the world" see the Jewishgen Home Page, Avotaynu or the Genealogy Home Page Web sites.

Good hunting!


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